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Thread: Samsung Rugby

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    Icon5 Samsung Rugby

    Thinking about getting on of these for work and play. Anyone have one or now someone that does? Reviews? Thanks!

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    Re: Samsung Rugby

    had a samsung s, operative word had. pos was always turning off or locking up. needed to take the battery out 4-5 times per day to reset. saes clown seemed to think this was normal and was ok. poor reception, just a plain ol pos in my opinion. finally the charging system cratered, i hit it with a 4pd sledge, now no more problems, i'd suggest 2 cans and a sting instead. hope ya have better luck but i would never recommend a samsung again.
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    Re: Samsung Rugby

    HDKAWI on here just bought one. He likes it so far I think. Maybe he will chime in.

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    Re: Samsung Rugby

    I bought one to use after my Icrap3GS gave up the ghost. I liked it. It is lacking on RAM and internal memory. Can only get about 10 Apps on it and it will be full, if you root it and delete all the junk service providers put on it it will speed it up and give you some extra room. Camera is only 3 megapixles but worked fine. It is tough. I chipped the edge of the screen but it never cracked. It took a spill off of the seed cart and bounced around in tractors, dirt, grain dust and water and never missed a beat. I treated it way worse than any other phone I have ever had and it took every lick. My brother is still using it.

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    Re: Samsung Rugby

    Quote Originally Posted by ROBO View Post
    Thinking about getting on of these for work and play. Anyone have one or now someone that does? Reviews? Thanks!
    Had or still have 1 not in use switched to a iphone miss it good rugged phone firtst phone that lasted me a long time and no issues and still working.

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