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    November general meeting

    Had a great turn out for last nights meeting and a lot of topics were covered.
    Good info on the safety side of things. Glad to see we are moving forward with the communication devise for our destination rides and trail work.
    Cataract Creek trails work looks awesome! Great job to all who helped out. Can't wait to get out there r a ride.
    Speaking of rides, only a few more weeks till the Golden ride. Always a good trip for the first ride of the season. Make sure you get out and enjoy it with the other members.
    The next rides will be for the media and then the Poker Derby, both n January to raise awareness for the International Snowmobile Safety Week. Anybody that can help out for those rides is more than welcome.
    The talk of some snowmobile grass drags next fall was interesting. We will see at the next meeting if it gains any traction and actually happens. Sure would be fun if it does.

    See you all at the next meeting.

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