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    Re: What’s my dads boat worth?

    Quote Originally Posted by dgiles View Post
    Sure, but the point is, no one is going to want a 40 year old boat unless you are specifically looking for some nostalgia. If so, yes pretty cool, otherwise, the boat is worth nothing. So, what is the engine worth? Best case 1/2 new, plus the cost of removing it, most likely replacing or updating some controls, etc. Then you have to dispose of the boat. Trailer would probably sell.

    Like I said earlier, you will get more selling the engine separately and hope to sell the rest later.
    I've been through this before with a much newer boat, so I have to agree. Sold my Campion Explorer a few years ago with a 20hrs old current year 115 Merc 4 stroke on it and didn't even recover what I and insurance had just paid for the motor a month previous.

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    Re: What’s my dads boat worth?

    I put a new 200 ETEC ($18k) on my 1982 18' Sidewinder that I've owned for 35 years, but I would be lucky to get $12k for it. It's never going to be worth much more , even though it is in great shape.

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