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    It's sounding a lot like the last of the season....... Updated availability

    We are going to have AST1 Classrooms in Red Deer at Turple Bros Jan 26 & 27 then St. Albert at Riverside Jan 28 and Valemount February 3.

    Here is an update on what we have available for Field Sessions:

    180119 Full Field Session - Amended
    Spots Left in Field AST1 Field Dates Locations
    8 10-Feb Fernie
    3 27-Jan Golden
    6 28-Jan Golden
    6 10-Feb Golden
    3 27-Jan Valemount
    5 28-Jan Valemount
    19 2-Feb Valemount
    11 3-Feb Valemount
    13 4-Feb Valemount
    6 10-Feb Valemount
    15 17-Feb Valemount
    10 3-Mar Valemount
    Tentative "Dates and Locations" let us know if your interested in these dates.
    4 20-Mar Valemount
    5 3-Feb Golden
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    Posted by Dawn

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