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    Big Gun Exhaust misses the mark!

    I recently purchased a BIG GUN full exhaust kit and power programmer for my 2014 Polaris Sportsman 570. The power programmer was easy to install, and the exhaust looked to be built well. That's where the good experience ended. The fitment was terrible! The header pipe binds on the cylinder head and the exhaust lined up with the stock mounts very poorly. After taking it for a test drive, power was noticeably increased as well as noise. This pipe is LOUD. Unfortunately, the muffler does not clear the torsion suspension and if left as is, the suspension was going to put a big hole in the side of my new muffler. The solution? I took the muffler to an aluminum welder and cut the old mounts off, rotated the muffler 90 degrees and welded one tab to fit one accessible muffler mount. After all this, the suspension still barely rubs the muffler :$
    When I contacted BIG GUN, they offered no apology an stated that there must be a difference between Canadian and American models and have not responded to my emails since.
    If you insist on BIG GUN, I recommend purchasing a BIG GUN exhaust through a local dealer so that it can be easily returned in the likey even that it does not fit.

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    Re: Big Gun Exhaust misses the mark!

    On a related matter - for the future - I have been involved in public meeting Recreational Plans here in Southern Alberta. If things go "Provinicial Wide" eventually, be very careful how loud of an exhaust you pay for. I do not know when a new law will come in, but it seems to me, on public land, it is a matter of when, not if.

    Discussions have been around 93, 96, and 100 db, measured different ways - and definitely not at idle. The most "international number" appears to be 96 db, and discussion remains at how to measure this. So, go stock if you can, but if you invest in a loud exhaust, be warned that new regulations are on their way, at some point. I do not believe this government is going to go out of power before a sound restriction is implemented. So, how long will it take? Probably not more than 2 1/2 years.......LOL
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