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    SuperATV EZ power steering installation / review

    I bit the bullet and added power steering to our Wildcat trail with Super ATV's kit. Purchased from 2koolperformance (cheapest I found in Canada), it arrived in a timely manner, and I decided to install it yesterday. Installation is fairly straight forward, the kit is well though out and took under 4 hours to install. While they don't mention how to route the wiring harness, I chose to run it between the outer plastic and the frame, along the driver's side, and had plenty of harness to spare. Fired it up, it is whisper quiet and offers steering "feel" at the wheel, and a significant amount of assist.
    One thing the instructions do not mention - add dieelectric grease to all connections if you ride submerged (which I do). All in all a great product, competitively priced, and simple to install - the kit was well thought out.
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    Re: SuperATV EZ power steering installation / review

    Same kit and same supplier , different machine( maverick) but same results .
    I watched you tube video on mine and helped lots .
    Easy install .

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