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    Re: 2010 M8 wont start. Please help checked everything!!!

    Have you tried holding the throttle to the bar and then pulling the rope, let off the gas quick! My M8 use to do this and I would just do this and it actually states it in the manual I believe.
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    Re: 2010 M8 wont start. Please help checked everything!!!

    Another thing that has worked for me is to turn the ignition/kill switch off and hold the throttle wide open. Then pull over 30 times or so. Then turn ignition/kill switch on and pull rope as normal. If still nothing apply throttle while pulling over.

    Another option is pull a plug on each cylinder and pull rope lots.

    That should rule out any type of flooding going on in the cylinder.

    What temps were u riding in? Did you have any type of gas line antifreeze in?
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    Re: 2010 M8 wont start. Please help checked everything!!!

    Try unclipping the wires to your key ignition
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    Re: 2010 M8 wont start. Please help checked everything!!!

    I know this is an old thread. My M8 has had starting issue's like this since I got it. Seems like weak electrical now, not getting enough juice to the injectors. Once it starts it's OK, but if it's sat, you can pull it over hundreds of times and it won't fire, open throttle or not. I just squirt some gas in the intake (CPC Stage 2 turbo on it) and it'll fire up. Something else it does, if I shut it off with the kill switch or tether, sometimes it won't want to start, have to pull bunch of times, try throttle open, closed, then finally it'll go. Very frustrating. I'm trying a known good CCU to swap out and see if that helps

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