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December 3rd, 2009, 01:10 PM
AST 1 avy training group rate


I am taking my AST 1 avy course on Dec.12-13.I put together a smokindave group rate and am doing it again for January 2-3 2010.
This class is taught by sledders for sledders.

Starts off day one,half day class room with the other half on the mountain.
Day two is on the mountain where you will recieve your certificate.
As the last class I put together booked up in less than a week you should register ASAP.
There is only room for twenty or so people.

The regular cost for this class is $309.00 but if you book for these dates and mention smokindave you will get trained for $260.00.I know its not a huge discount but every little bit helps,plus the knowledge learned could save yours or one of your friends lives.

You can get more info at Hangfire Avalanche Training 250-344-0399 they are in Golden B.C.
You can also go to their website for more info or to register @HangFire Training | Avalanche Training For Sledders | Golden BC

Cheers and happy, safe sledding,

December 15th, 2009, 10:41 AM
I over the weekend of Dec.12-13th took my AST1 coarse.Being an experianced sledder I thought I had an idea on where and what I should ride.
I now know that there is much to know about picking safe places to ride and to even sit and watch.

I went into this thinking that I was too old to be taught and that it would be boring and that with my experiance in the backcountry I would learn nothing,well was I ever wrong.I learnt all day long

The whole coarse was full of info I had no idea about,time just flew by and these guys,Aaron and Ryan kept the class going at a pace that kept you interested.They answered everyones questions and made sure you understood the snowpack.They taught this old dog things that I thought I already knew.

We spent some time on learning how to properly use our beacons,probes and shovels.How to find multipule buried people and how to properly search and dig out people the fastest way.
We also learned about digging a pit and how to read the snow which is another thing you should know.I am not saying you need to do this on every hill,but something you should do a few times over the season.It gives you a good idea on what the avalanche reports are talking about.We learned how to properly read an avalanche avaluator.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned experianced rider, you will learn more than you thought with this coarse and if someone in your group or you come upon another group where there has been a burial,as long as they are wearing a beacon their chances on being dug out alive increases drasticly with things taught in this coarse.

I highly recommend you and your buddies sign up ASAP as avalanches happen anytime of the season,and who wants to live with the guilt of not being able to find people in a timely fashion or dying a slow death while being crushed by tons of snow.Not the way I want to go.

I rate this coarse as a nesessity for all backcountry riders,avys happen in all types of terrain,it will open your eyes to the dangers out there and make recovery fast and less confusing.I cannot put into words without writing a book all the reasons for this coarse.

If affordability is your issue you can save money by signing up for this coarse for Jan. 2-3rd.Regular price is 309.00 but mention you saw this on snowandmud or mention smokindave and get your coarse for 260.00.Let your significant other know this would make the perfect Christmas present.

If you have any questions about this coarse PM me or go to http://www.hangfiretraining .com or call Ryan at 250-344-0399.
After taking this coarse I honestly don't want to ride with people that haven't taken this coarse.I know that if I am buried I stand a good chance surviving with people that have taken this coarse.

I really hope this post opens your eyes and sign up with any of the teachers of this coarse.Its just that this coarse with Hangfire is for sledders by sledders.I hope this info helps.

Have a safe season,

December 28th, 2009, 12:10 PM
course is coming up next weekend in Golden.
Looks like just in time for some fresh snow.
we still have some space remaining on this date.

250 344-0399