View Full Version : Frozen Pirate "Late Bird" pricing for new AST Course bookings on right MEOW!

January 12th, 2016, 10:32 AM
With some new staff on board, we are able to offer a bit more freedom in the timing of our AST Courses for the remainder of the season. We would also like to bring back "early bird" pricing in the form of the "late bird". New bookings will be reduced to $300 per person and we are also reducing the minimum to 5 participants for our private courses.

Course can be completed in two ways. One full day in class and one full day in the field, or our preferred method is to break the classroom session into two evening session followed by one full field day. This breaks up the heavy intake of the classroom information and allows the participants to get a riding day in the middle of the course.

The Pirates believe in training with the people you ride with. Our courses are private and specific to your riding group and with our small class sizes there is a lot of individual instruction and time for everyone.

If any of this interests you at all, please send me an email at curtis@frozenpirate.com!

Ride safe